My Current Workout Routine (Alexa Jean Fitness Guides)

I am currently starting on the AlexaJeanFitness Guides. I have the older pack with the Leg and Butt Guide, Upper Body, and 2 Sore to the Core guides. I have completed all of them (except the second Sore to the Core), but I was inconsistent with it and most of the time. I completed only one or two of the exercises instead of doing all three and getting a full body workout. I would like to post results this time, so I felt it would only make sense to stick to following all three at once.

This time (as usual) I have made up my own schedule that leaves me with less days off. I prefer to get some sort of workout in everyday even if it is just a walk around my neighborhood. That being said, I will complete the 3 workouts for 2 days in a row with 1 day followingĀ  where I will do at least 30 minutes of some sort of cardio whether it be a walk, run, or my elliptical. I will repeat this until I come to the last workouts and let you know what I thought!

I personally enjoy these workouts. I feel like they are very doable if you have a hectic schedule (work, school, kids, etc.) and do not have a lot of time to set a side to workout (which I believe you should always make time for!) I would say all three workouts take me about an hour to complete at the most. They are also easy to do with little to no equipment. I personally have 8lb dumbbells I use for the upper body (Only $6 here!) or you can substitute a house hold item such as a can or filled water bottle.

These workouts (especially the Leg and Butt) will leave you sore which is often how I judge a good workout. I started as of yesterday (9/10/2016) and will post here to share my updates on my results. Feel free to reach out and let me know what workouts you have been following!