Vegan Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Pumpkin season has begun! Starbucks and Dunkin have already released their pumpkin flavored coffees, which seems to be happening earlier and earlier each year (We are closer to the dream of pumpkin year round!). I have seen everyone and their mother getting their PSL’s on social media and decided I would make a healthier (Why can’t cookies be good for you?) version of Pumpkin cookies to get my fix.

I have made pumpkin cookies in the past: white chocolate, dark chocolate, snicker-doodle, etc. I happened to come across a vegan pumpkin cookie recipe a couple weeks ago and decided to pick up a can of pumpkin at the store and go for it.

The original recipe is from ASaucyKitchen. This blog is known for having delicious gluten free recipes, it is the perfect site to visit if you or someone you know has Coeliac Disease.

I however, do not have an aversion to gluten and tailored the recipe to what I enjoy (basically what I have stocked in my kitchen).

Here are all of the ingredients I began with:pumpkin cookie ing.jpg



The Himalayan salt is a recent purchase. I enjoy reading about how food affects the body, so years ago when I was reading on the make up of food, I realized sodium is in all food. From then on, I found little reason to own or add salt in my cooking (besides baking of course!)

Recently, after coming across “Worst Staples in Your Fridge/Pantry” by Kaylaitsines , I was excited to read about natural salts such as the Pink Himalayan Salt pictured above. This blog discussed how table salt is not beneficial to us because it has been stripped of all the nutrients it once had. Salt can play a crucial role in the chemical aspect of baking and really brings out the flavor in food. This is why I highly recommend using Natural Salts in moderation. (You will want a salt grinder!)

Overall, I really enjoy this recipe. It satisfied my pumpkin lust (for now) and sweet tooth. I ate the cookies straight out of the over with a scoop of Arctic Zero’s lactose free Ice cream.

Let me know how you make your pumpkin cookies!

ice cream.jpg


Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie(2).png