Natural Products I Use

I do a lot of research into the products I purchase. I like to use products that are not made up of a toxic chemicals. I also take price  into consideration. I believe you should invest in your own health and that may be choosing a $20 item over a $12 one, however I have seen many over priced products that have the exact same ingredients as a product half the price.

Coconut oil has been something I love having in my house whether it be for cooking or as a moisturizer.  Make sure you are purchasing unrefined coconut oil. I would say I use coconut oil on a daily bases. Here are a couple of my favorite ways to use coconut oil:

  1. Make Up Remover (slides of your face with water)
  2. Lotion (moisturizes dry skin)
  3. Conditioning Treatment (also great for those with dandruff)
  4. Baking
  5. Oil Pulling (removes bacteria from your mouth)

Check out Holistic Habits for more way to use coconut oil

I have also been using Tom’s deodorant. I really like the scent of this deodorant and the the texture (more gel than powder). I like it a lot better than my old  deodorant, but do not feel it gives the best long term coverage. I have heard that when you first begin using natural deodorants your body will try to get rid of toxins and this may be why it is not my absolute favorite as of yet.



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