If you love colored hair having colored hair, one of my absolute favorite products to use is Overtone. Basically you can buy different colored conditioners that will “dye” your hair a certain color: pink, orange, blue, etc. This can be used to brighten and make your current hair color more vibrant and last longer or if you’re like me and are trying to get your hair healthy and full again from all the harsh dying it will dye your hair with each use and takes about a month to fully wash out (depending on how frequent you wash your hair).

Some of the many reasons I recommend this product:

  1. It is Vegan and not tested on animals.
  2. It actually strengthens your hair while you use it.
  3. It has no harmful chemicals – no peroxide, no ammonia, no heavy alcohols, and nothing that will dry out or damage your hair, even if you leave it on for hours every day.
  4. You can use the dye on unbleached hair (I have shades from blonde to medium brown in my hair though the “extreme” color is more of a pink tint on my brown strands and very bright on the blonde).
  5. The Conditioners are under $20.
  6. The now have Hair Glitter!

This is super easy to use and has worked great on my hair so far, I plan on doing a balayage soon to lighten my ends and then trying out a couple pastel conditioners.


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