Lush Cosmetics

One Brand I have come across that I really love is Lush. This is for SO many reasons with the top being that they are and awesome and ethical brand. All of their ingredients (and packaging!) are natural and not just the “natural” everyone labels their products as now, you can read all of the ingredients on the products or online and see for your self. Lush is also all vegetarian and does not test on animals.


I am all for putting less chemicals into or on your body. I believe you can only look/feel your best if you take care of your self by putting natural ingredients into and on your body. That being said, I love the “cup o’coffee” mask!! I may be bias because I love coffee and cocoa and that is basically what this mask is made up of, my skin not only feels great but smells wonderful after (and during) washing it off. I would say it requires some effort to really wash away all of the coffee grinds. I use it about once a week on my face, and as a full body scrub once a month.

The “Roots” is great for your hair. I originally bought it to help my hair get back to a healthier state from bleaching/dying my hair so much. I do believe it has helped though I cannot say my hair growth or health is entirely from this since I have been using natural shampoos, conditioners, and coconut oil masks along with this product. I would say I use this product 1-2 times a month and do like using it better than coconut oil because no matter how long I rinse coconut oil out of my hair the next day it always looks slightly oily whereas I have not has an issue with this product. It also has a fresh, minty scent.

“Happy Happy” is the perfect scent for a shower gel. It has a strong citrusy (if that is a word), clean fragrance that at least makes you (and anyone around you) believe you are clean after a bath of shower. It is refreshing and does not dry out my skin, so I would definitely recommend this product and probably any other sold by Lush.

The only downfall is that Lush is not cheap. You will get a smaller amount of product for a larger price than you may be used to. However, this is because the products are organic and handmade.


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