No Knead Bread

Here is my “go to” recipe when making bread. This is a perfect recipe if you don’t have time to spend kneading bread or a Bread Maker/KitchenAid to help with the process. You literally mix the ingredients and let the dough rise until it is ready to bake.

dough ing.jpg

This recipe takes only 5 simple ingredients (4 pictured above) oil, flour, yeast, salt, and water.

dry ing.jpg

Begin by mixing together the dry ingredients.


Add the water until combined, oil the bowl, and let rise for 4 hours.


Place dough into a pan. Let the bread bake for 30 minutes covered and 15 minutes uncovered.


There you go. Bread you can use for sandwiches, french toast, or what ever you desire!

No Knead Bread

3 Cups Flour

1/4 Ounce Yeast

1 1/2 Teaspoon Salt

1 1/2 Cups Water

Oil as needed

Makes one loaf


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