FAVORITE Pizza Dough (so far)

I have been attempting homemade pizzas for months now and I believe I have finally found the perfect homemade dough and more importantly cooking method.

I prefer to make my dough from scratch so I can decrease the amount of added sugar in my diet (I make up for it in cookies). Processed sugar can produce harmful side effects, read more on why sugar is so bad for you here.

Making pizza at home is not only cheaper, but can also be healthier. Most grocery stores sell their own brand of dough you can use refrigerated or frozen. Living in Florida, I have often used Publix dough (which is delicious!) I’m sure many stores such as Whole Foods


carry a sugar free version however, Publix dough does contain added sugar. This along with the fact that making your own dough is a fraction of the cost helped push me to create my own.


I began by adding warm water, natural honey, and active dry yeast together. In case you are new to baking, it is essential that the water is warm so that the yeast is activated and the dough rises. Let this mixture sit for 5-10 minutes or until foaming begins.

Next, I combined the oil, salt, Italian seasoning and Oregano to the bowl along with half of the flour needed. My kitchen Aid hook is perfect for combining the ingredients, I let it mix on a low speed while slowly adding in more four until it reached a nice doughy consistency.  I let it continue to mix for about 7  more minutes. At this point the dough should easily separate from the bowl be transferred to a lightly oiled bowl and covered.


Leave the dough to rise for at least an hour or until it has doubled in size. If you are not making the pizza right away, you can freeze the dough for a later use. (Remember to let thaw at least 6 hours before use if you choose this method!)


Now you have the perfect pizza dough! From here you can create thin, thick, or even stuffed crust pizza, cheesy bread, vegan, or dessert pizza, the possibilities are endless!

I chose to make a thin crust pizza. A pizza stone would work best for this recipe, but if you don’t own one you are in luck, I have discovered the next best thing! Use an upside down baking sheet. I have found this method to make the dough crispier, similar to a restaurant style pizza and not have a thick, bread texture to it (unless that is what you like).


I rolled out the dough into a rectangular shape and spread melted butter and garlic on top. I baked this at 500 degrees for about 5 minutes.


I then added Pizza sauce (Ragu one I have found with no added sugars), cheese, fresh jalapenos, scallions, peppercinis, and placed the pizza back in the oven for 5-10 minutes (or until the cheese has melted).







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